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Dr. Betel Aklilu

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Dr. Aklilu is a licensed chiropractor who chose to serve the DC Metropolitan area because this community poured into her growing up. She would not be the doctor she is today without you!

Dr. A is board certified in pregnancy, pediatrics, postpartum, and fertility care.

She uses state of the art scanning technology to appropriately detect and address areas of discomfort and pain. Her focus on the holistic well being of mothers and children allows her to give family centered care.

Her goal is simply to spread the power of well rounded care to perinatal women and kids! When she is not taking care of clients just like you she is spending her time with her dogs Layla, Lomi, Lucy, her family, and close friends.

An image of Dr. Betel Aklilu's pets
An image of Dr. Betel Aklilu's pets
An image of Dr. Betel Aklilu's pets

Allie Appleby

Director of Operations
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Allie fell in love with the chiropractic approach to health care, as it changed her life for the better a few years ago. She now has over 3 years of experience working in a chiropractic setting.

Allie is a fundamental member of the Kelayi Team! She is passionate about helping others live their best lives and goes above and beyond to help ensure that every client has an exceptional experience!

When she is not taking care of business she enjoys spending time with her dog, Macy and her cat, Katlyn. She also loves the outdoors and hanging out with her sisters.

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Belle and Macy
An image of Allie Appleby's pets
An image of Allie Appleby's pets
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